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Anti-Aging Peeling Gel (Made In Japan), 100ml

Anti-Aging Peeling Gel (Made In Japan), 100ml

Brand: Sanaderm
Product Code: S-AAPGL
Availability: In Stock

In pursuit of smoother, brighter skin? Seeking a solution to banish dry skin or refine pores? You're not alone. Many women continue to try different brands without success or put their trust in expensive cosmetics, hoping that the price will be borne out by results if they use the products long enough.  Skin Renewal Gel is different. Just as the name suggests, Skin Renewal Gel removes old keratin to renew and restore the youthful vitality of your complexion. Without this base, expensive cosmetics just don't work the way
they're meant to!

To Use: Apply a proper amount of Peeling Gel on your clean, dry skin. Leave on for about 10 second, massage circular motion then rinse off with water. Use 1 to 3 times weekly. For all skin types.


Simply apply the gel and massage in gently. Old keratin is removed before your eyes. Unlike other products that rely on acids or scrubs, the ingredients in Skin Renewal Gel stick fast to old keratin and impurities to remove them without causing stress to the skin. Once this old keratin is removed, it is easier for lotions and essences to be absorbed, and skin feels firm and moisturized as cell turnover is improved. Experience the new life given to your skin as the active ingredients in Skin Renewal Gel even out pigmentation and reduce discoloration.

Active Ingredients


Evening Primrose extract


Antioxidant/Whitening properties


Seaweed extract


Moisturizing/Whitening properties




    1. Wash your face with water and dry well before using.

    2. Place a proper amount of gel on your palm and spread over your face.

    3. Massage your entire face lightly with a circular motion by fingers.

    4. Keratin, which is the insoluble protein substance on your skin, will then surface naturally.

    5. Rinse off with water.

    6. Tone your face with lotion or essence as finishing.


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