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Collagen is a protein in our body which is the main component of connective tissues. It makes up approximately 30% of the body's protein which can be found in the skin, bones, cartilages and tendons. When we start to age, our collagen production slows down which affects the skin's hydration, suppleness and elasticity. Beyond the skin, our connective tissues also start to deteriorate and weaken which leads to various ailments. Collagen is a vital component in keeping ourselves healthy and young.

Sanaderm Premium Collagen is specially made using advanced formulation which contains concentraded 21,000 mg Pure Fish Peptide,  80 mg Birds's Nest Powder and other essential vitamines (see Nutrition Facts below) per 50 ml bottle.


Base Formulation
Ingredient Required Ingredient  Amount (1 bottle / mg) Percentage (%) Required Amount
原料名 必須の原料 分量(1本当たり) 配合割合 必須の分量

Active Ingredients (有効成分)
Fish Collagen Peptide Yes 21,000 42%  
COQ10 Yes 7 0.014%  
Hyaluronic Acid Yes 7 0.014%  
Swallow's Next Powder Yes 80 0.160%  
Vitamin B1 Yes 2.5 0.005%  
Vitamin B2 Yes 10 0.020%  
Vitamin B6 Yes 10 0.020%  
Vitamin C Yes 40 0.080%  
Inactive Ingredients (賦形剤: 甘味料・酸味料など)
Sweetener (Stevia) Yes 40 0.080%  
Sweetener (Sucralose) Yes 18 0.036%  
Flavor (Orange or Lychee) Yes 0.3 0.001%  
Acidulant (Citric Acid) Yes 1,100 2.200%  
Acidulant (Malic Acid) Yes 1,100 2.200%  
Preservative (Sodium Benzoate) Yes 30 0.060%  
Water Yes 26555 53.110%  
Total   50,000 100%  
Nutritional Facts
Energy(エネルギー)    78 Cal    
Fats (脂肪)    0.05g    
Protein(たんぱく質)    19.3g    
Carbohydrates (炭水化物)    0.1g    
Sodium (ナトリウム)    22mg    

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Premium Collagen Drink With 21,000mg Fish Peptide and 80mg Bird's Nest

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