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Nature is all-inclusive of herbal medicine and plants with the outstanding natural health benefits and Ginseng is in one of those. Ginseng coming from the roots of panax ginseng that belong to the plants of genus panax family very common used in spices.

It is used in Korea as a supplement for more than 3000 thousand years.
Black ginseng is prepared from fresh red and white ginseng that boiled and dried 9 times,Ginsenoside RG3,RH1,RH2 ( Saponin) is made and this is 100~9,000 times higher level than normal Red Ginseng.. Normal Red Ginseng needs only one time of steam and dried process but Black Ginseng does 9 times of that. it takes only for 3 days to get Red Ginseng but Black Ginseng takes 50 days for 9 times of steamed and dried process with master's hands.  Black ginseng is used for health improving in different ways. Black ginseng benefits is not for your physical health it is also effective for your mental health. It gives potential energy to immune system to fight with many disease and in current scenario the study is going on that it’s helps to reduce covid-19 chances.

Most Common Benefits Of Black Ginseng:

  1. Reduce Inflammation
  2. Improve Brain Function
  3. Improve Erectile Dysfunction
  4. Boost Immune System
  5. Benifits Against
  6. Combat cholesterol and Blood sugar

1.Reduce Inflammation:

According to many experimental results Korean black ginseng has quality of antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties several things can be caused of inflammation such as infection or injury or autoimmune disorder that involves in your immune system.

Antioxidant is molecule that stop oxidation of other molecule. Oxidation is a chemical reaction of autoimmune disorder that can produce free radicals and that is a cause of inflammation.

Black ginseng increase antioxidant molecule capability in a body that can reduce inflammation.

2.Improve Brain Function:

Study with young adults that used Korean black ginseng can improve memory features and intellective function in a brain. It is also used for brain disorder effects reduce it provide relieve in a mind.

3. Improve Erectile Dysfunction:

In a very long time ginseng was using for improving sexual abilities in a men and women also it help to recover and improve hormones of sexual alertness.

According to research Ginseng is increased alertness energy in human body and could improve erectile dysfunction. It is used for a treatment of erectile Dysfunction very commonly.

4 Boost Immune system and Energy level:

It is the most well-known quality of Korean black ginseng that it boosts energy. Black ginseng is very helpful for those who intend to increase their physical fitness and performance. In many studies of serious disease patients that ginseng gives boost energy to their immune system to fight with disease. It is booster resist to infection in a human body.

5.Benefits Against cancer:

The study has continuously support the effective role of Black ginseng against cancer and its treatment and quality to counter and reduce symptoms of few types of cancer. Ginseng is helpful to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. The study shows the people who used ginseng may reduce risk of developing certain types of cancer such as lip, mouth, stomach, colon, liver, lungs and oesophagus.

6.Combat Cholesterol and Blood sugar:

The effect of Korean Black Ginseng in our immune system that has been studied to get potential effectiveness to get protect against flu, cold and a few types of cancer as we know. It has been found in a study that Korean black ginseng reduce sugar and cholesterol level in a blood that’s why ginseng help in the treatment of high cholesterol. Black ginseng create a tranquilize effect upon muscles in lungs this function resulting expand air ways that may help to reduce symptoms of asthma and different conditions of lungs that are the result of tightened air way.

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